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Full Amortization Mortgage Calculator

The table below contains the program to calculate your mortgage payment. Print out a complete amortization schedule and calculate savings realized by making prepayments. The left side of the table contains the input fields and the right side the instructions. Enjoy!

Please note: Do not use a comma when entering mortgage principal or prepayment amounts or the results will be distorted.

Input your data below Instructions

Enter the Amount of the Mortgage here (Principal Loan Balance).

Enter Annual Interest Rate here.
Please be sure the "C" is not overwritten. It must be there for an accurate result.
Please note that on the results page you will see the actual interest rate in the top left and the adjusted rate in the table below it. The latter is always less and is only for the purpose of the calculation.

Enter the Amortization Period in years.

Month =
Year =
Select the month and enter the year the mortgage will start.

Show full amortization table? Select "Yes" if you want to see an annual breakdown of Principal,Interest and Balance.

Enter Monthly Principal Prepayment Amount.
For example, if you know you can prepay $300 each month, then enter 300 here. Don't use a $ symbol or your results will be inaccurate. For one-time prepayments see below.

Annual Principal Prepayment Amount.
If you want to see the effect of annual prepayments, enter the dollar amount here – ex. 5000 not $5000.

Enter One-Time Prepayment Amount

For One-Time Prepayment (above), enter month here    eg. If you want to make a prepayment of $10,000 after month 24, enter $10,000 above and 25 here.

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